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#BuildAScare at Goodwill of Orange County

I was recently invited to a fun Halloween event at the Goodwill store in Anaheim. In conjunction with their Halloween initiative, several bloggers and myself took to the aisles to create unique costumes in various categories. I had never previously thought to check out Goodwill for Halloween costumes but they have literally entire sections devoted to the holiday. Everything from child to adult costumers; make-up; and an array of accessories lined the front portion of the store, all at extremely affordable prices, and [Read more]

OCTA Launches Rideshare Week

OCTA has launched Rideshare Week, Oct 7th–11th, encourages commuters to take the bus, train, vanpool, carpool or bike to work instead of driving alone in their daily commute. Rideshare Week is a part of OCTA’s Share the Ride program, which is aimed at helping commuters find efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective ways to commute to work. Sharing the ride is a stress-free and economical way to get where you need and avoids putting wear and tear on your car. By pledging to participate you'll also [Read more]

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