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Debbie Miller
Hi! I’m Debbie.

Drink Play Grub is lifestyle blog is about restaurants, events, local businesses, and other life happenings. I used to write for OC Metro and OC Menus then decided to start my own OC-focused blog.

Known mostly as my online alias, TheBigDebowski, I spend a lot of time drinkin’, playin’, and grubbin’, and I get asked a lot of questions about said activities.

People want to know context for the photos I share on Instagram, or learn more about events I attend, so this is a hub to share that information.

As a “Big Sister” for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County, I partake in a lot of cultural, seasonal, and other activities that allow me to partake in family events even though I’m not yet a mom.

I have two dogs, Rigby and Sadie (both named after Beatles tunes), whom I adore:

I love me some social media and writing, and do a lot of it.

I also have a business blog, Social Hospitality, where I talk a lot about the latest trends and business side of social media and related topics.

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I have also written articles for the following websites and publications:

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