Blackmarket Bakery Debuts New Espresso and Bakery Items

On Cinco de Mayo, Blackmarket Bakery launched a complete espresso bar menu including espresso shots, macchiato, cappuccino, caffe latte, caffe mocha and Americano. Drinkers can personalize their hot or cold fix with shots of vanilla or caramel sauce, and soy and almond milk.

Photo May 21, 6 22 41 PM

I had the chance to sample a few of the new drinks and they were amazing! All the coffee drinks are made with Kean Coffee and the syrups are all made in-house. Iced caramel drinks are my favorite so I was partial to that one, although the coconut chai and s’mores lattes were amazing as well.

Photo May 21, 6 28 50 PM

Latte Menu:
  • Iced caramel latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Macchiato
  • Iced Coconut Chai
  • S’mores latte

I also got the chance to try some of their treats which were tasty as well. Some of their unique offerings include:

  • Flourless almond brownies
  • Brown butter cocoa nib shorties
  • Russian teas
  • Poppy seed Earl Grey shorties
  • Orange cranberry shorties

Photo May 21, 6 30 55 PMPhoto May 21, 6 31 06 PMPhoto May 21, 6 30 58 PM

With the memories of her childhood in the South of bakeries and candy shops, Chef Rachel Klemek founded Blackmarket Bakery in 2004. When word spread far and wide, she and her family opened the dynamic hangout and retail shop at The CAMP in Costa Mesa in 2013.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a conscious moment of indulgence with Keán coffee and espresso, rustic desserts, tarts, shortbreads, confections, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, two- and three-tiered “decorate it yourself” cakes and Saturday Night $1 S’Mores.

Photo May 21, 6 45 35 PM

Shoppers can also find bean-to-bar chocolates, gourmet gifts, t-shirts, gift cards and more.

Photo May 21, 6 44 51 PM The overall vibe is really cool and definitely differs from your standard corporate coffeeshop environment.

Photo May 21, 6 44 31 PM Photo May 21, 6 44 37 PM

Blackmarket Bakery will have a pop-up bakery at the OC Fair this year. Chef Rachel and her Blackmarketeers will be doing demos and they purchased a stone mill to grind wheat and barley to show the process from grain to bread!

Have you been to Blackmarket Bakery? What’s your favorite item?

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